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Where Finding Your Place In This World Just Got A Little Easier.

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Artist -Entrepreneur - Life Coach -  Creator

THe XX Objective


Find Your X with Alexx - Is Finding Who You Truly Are. What Are You Really Meant To Be In this World. Are you Already Doing It? Can You do More? Or Do You Feel Like You Have Nothing and You Just Need To Take the First Right Step In Anything! Well Here It Is : ALEXX With Two x's Is Here To Help! Alexx is A Life Coach/Professional Dancer/and Entrepreneur based out of New York City. As a Young Professional Who Grew Up In a Multi-Racial Home, Being Native American, and Homosexual, Alexx Wants to Reach a Wide Range of Young and New to Self- Encouragement. It is About Time You See more Of This Minority in This Kind Of Work! So Come Learn! Subscribe/Share and Talk with Alexx! What kind of Videos Do You Wanna See? Alexx is All Ears! Check Out Where You Can Submit Your Questions and get an Answer Within The Day! X Marks The Spot and You Just Got A Little Closer! Welcome To The Double X Family!

Have A Question About Finding Your X - Or a Suggestion for the Next Video Use The Chat!

What is

X factor?



1. an indescribable unique quality; something about a person that you cannot put your finger on.

2. a noteworthy special talent or quality.

Unlike the Popular "The X Factor" Talent  show finding Your X is not figuring out how to become a star but how to become a star in your own life. Well, Join me on our quest of seeking out our X. I'm sure you're asking, Why does this guy, who just added an X to his name, get to tell me how to live my life, or how does Alexx have the qualifications to make your life better. Well, I literally can't do either. Only YOU can. I am here to help you find that YOU that has always been there and be the best YOU that YOU can possibly be. That's It. Simple and Easy... Or Is it!? Sometimes I feel like I have know idea what my X is or why I am here. Just like everyone we can veer off the road. Well, hello silly! I am here to get you back on that road! So Join The Double XX Family and lets keep each-other accountable!

Find Your X Book Club

The Find Your X Book Club is The List Of Books That I Personally Have Loved Reading and Personally Highly Recommend! The One I will Always Reference is Jen Sincero the Author of The Badass Series. I have read each one of her books more than twice and love her message.

FindYourX 1 Month COurse With Alexx

FindYourx CLASS & Certified Fun COACH

Take an Exclusive Individualized-Private-Virtual Course With Alexx Himself. It Is VERY selective and Find Your X Only Chooses The Best Fit People For This Course. Where You Delve Deep into Finding Who You Truly Are. Discuss Your Inner and Outer-self. Communicate About Your Future and Delete Your Past to Put Yourself into the PRESENT. A Place We All Want To Be. Receive 4 Individualized Boxx's Each Week Full Of Spiritual and Life Pleasing Gifts! Each Boxx Valued at $200 Dollars! The Boxx Is Jammed Packed With Books, Incense, Candles, Inspirational Cards and SO much More. Each Week You Get an Individualized 1.5 Hour Long MASTERCLASS With Alexx. On Top Of That Everyday You Get A Check In With Alexx Like Your Own Personalized CO-Star/Pattern. By The End of The Course You Are Guaranteed To Walk Away Fulfilled and Enlightened and With Plans For Continued Satisfaction For Yourself, Life, and Business. This Course Is Great For People Who Have a Business That Needs To Become More Profitable, Established Spiritual Seekers Who Want To Further Their Practice, Any Coaches That Want To Gain Knowledge and Insights To Further Their Growth. This Course Will Without a Doubt Improve Your Life. However; We Are Selective. You Must Set Up An Interview To Be Chosen! Scholarships And Discounts Are Available!

Are You a Coach? Just a Random? Wanna Take Back Your Life With a Smile?

Take an Exclusive and Selective Private Virtual Class Online With Alexx To Become a Certified Fun Coach or To Just Get The Fun Back Into Your Life! YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ! MONTH COURSE TO DO THE FUN COACH CERTIFICATION. This is One Of The First Of It's Kind And The Only Place To Discover The Fun Within Through Special and Unique Techniques To Live a Truly Happy and Fulfilled Life Or Business. Alexx Worked For Theme Parks and For Huge Companies Such as DISNEY and Many other Amazing Companies That Gave Him The Inspiration To Create a Fun Foundation While Also Delving Deep Into Who He Truly Is and What He Was Meant To Be And Do On This Earth. In This Class You Will Delve Deep into Finding Who You Truly Are. Discuss Your Inner and Outer-self. Communicate About Your Future and Delete Your Past to Put Yourself into the PRESENT. A Place We All Want To Be. By The End of The class You Are Guaranteed To Walk Away HAPPY Again and With Plans For Maintain In The Future. Once Completed You Will Receive Exclusive Access To A Community of Aspiring Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Creators, Artists. And Receive Free Found My X T-shirt Which Only This Course Will Give You!


FindYourx MAster CLass With Alexx

Take Private Virtual Master Class Online With Alexx. Where You Delve Deep into Finding Who You Truly Are. Discuss Your Inner and Outer-self. Communicate About Your Future and Delete Your Past to Put Yourself into the PRESENT. A Place We All Want To Be. By The End of The Session You Are Guaranteed To Walk Away Satisfied and With Plans For Action In The Future. This Course Is Great For People Starting New, High School Seniors, Adopted Kids, Foster Kids, Solidifying Your Path, and For Beginning Your Spiritual and Life Journey. Once You Buy The Class Contact Alexx Immediately So We Can Schedule a Convenient Time For You!  Once You Begin Your Journey With Alexx it Never Stops! Your Communication After The Class Will Remain OPEN! So What Is There To Lose??

FindYourx BOXX

Don't Want All The Hassle and Commitment? Subscribe For a Year Long Find Your X Boxx Series! Automatically You Get AN Invitation To The Find Your X Book Club! Each Month You Will Receive an Individualized Life-Help BOXX. The Boxx Each Month Will Be Jammed Packed With Spiritual And Self-Help Goodies Along With A New Personalized Goal and Life Plan For That Month Set Up By Alexx. Contents You May Find But Not Excluded To : New Yorks Best Selling Books, Ebooks, Audio Books, Incense, Candles, Holistic Muscle Rub, Essential Oils From Saje, Organic Honey, Skin Care, Wine Glasses, Mugs, T-shirts, Athletic Wear, Hats, Relaxing Amenities, Spiritual Guidance Tools and Hacks, and SO much More. With This Particular Subscription You Will Also Get Seasonal Gifts Too! On Top Of All That Each Month You Will Be Getting Coached By ALEXX!


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1. effectively conveying thought or feeling.



1. joyously unrestrained, to be filled with or characterised by lively song and dance, energy and excitement, happy spirits and vitality.



1. worthy of imitation; commendable. Stemmed from the word 'example'.

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